Texas Direct Oil And Gas Investment

Updated: 02/23/17 07:06:24 PM

Drilling onshore for oil is different than drilling offshore for oil.

Updated: 02/22/17 04:54:48 AM

There are many places you can put your money to make more money, but putting it into oil will bring you a good return on your investment.

Updated: 02/20/17 12:09:32 PM

To find out how much we know about what we're doing, you can follow our successes right online.

Updated: 02/18/17 03:24:43 PM

We have people with experience in drilling for many years, which is best to work with a company with our level of experience.

Updated: 02/17/17 04:28:15 AM

People who want to invest in oil can work with us because we have a team of experts who find wells to drill.

Updated: 02/15/17 02:36:05 PM

Working with our team of experts will give you a reputable company on your side.

Updated: 02/13/17 03:43:50 PM

The likelihood of profits is good since we have an expert team of researchers using geophysical and geological information to find our wells.

Updated: 02/11/17 06:22:29 PM

People who are looking for ways to invest can call and talk to us about gas and oil wells.

Updated: 02/09/17 08:42:38 PM

Before choosing the next drilling location, our experienced team checks all seismic data.

Updated: 02/07/17 10:02:15 PM

When you work with the honest people at our company, we'll be happy to show you everything we can about our drilling process and projected profits. Save your money by not going through the stock market to invest in oil or gas.

Updated: 02/06/17 08:50:52 AM

To find out how much we know about what we're doing, you can follow our successes right online. Our joint venture partners are in for some money, with a working interest of 20% in a project.

Updated: 02/04/17 12:02:31 PM

Part of the procedure to drill oil consists of seismic, geology and experience to know how to use them.

Updated: 02/02/17 08:14:12 AM

Buying through an agent or through the stock market is not as effective as working with a joint venture to invest in oil and gas.

Updated: 01/31/17 06:22:05 PM

Oil prices are continually going up and you can profit from the good fortune.

Updated: 01/30/17 06:36:38 AM

You probably know that there is a good amount of profit in it, if you watch the cost of crude oil. Run the other way if you can't get the names of the people in charge of the drilling company.

Updated: 01/28/17 02:37:35 AM

It is important to have management consultants along with geophysical consultants when you're drilling for gas and oil.

Updated: 01/26/17 02:11:18 PM

Check us out for a great team to work with, when you're looking for the best organization for direct oil investments.

Updated: 01/24/17 01:56:20 PM

We succeed in our drilling when other companies fail because of the experience of our team.

Updated: 01/23/17 01:42:26 AM

Check into the drilling of wells and a direct investment, when you're looking for a tax write off or more deductions.

Updated: 01/21/17 06:27:57 AM

Some of the individuals who have helped to fund us have self-directed IRA and SEP plans. We are happy to share all information about our current projects, including profits being produced.

Updated: 01/19/17 07:14:25 AM

You can follow our progress and then decide to directly invest with us after you see the success we're having.

Updated: 01/17/17 05:54:23 PM

We've been able to successfully gain funding for our drilling efforts by being open and honest about our projects.

Updated: 01/15/17 01:51:46 PM

Your money can work for you for a long time, because oil and gas wells can produce a continuous flow for many years.

Updated: 01/14/17 09:53:15 AM

There is more oil to be drilled in the USA than most people realize.

Updated: 01/12/17 03:49:16 PM

Never work with an oil drilling company that won't share information on the principles of the company.

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